Twenty Years Ago Today

On July 2, 1997, I was fortunate enough to have read the book "Zhun Falun". Since then I have been walking on a completely different path . I have experienced the happiness of having finally found what I had been searching for; I have suffered the most brutal persecution in the Chinese Communist Party's labor camp; I had to escape from China to avoid further persecution...
However, even on the darkest times, I still felt my life and future were much brighter than in the days when I struggled to figure out why I was here. I fully understood why everything happened; and calmly dealt with them with a knowing heart.
That's why 20 years later, on this special day, I am still feeling so humbled, so grateful and so happy.
Thank you, Master; thank you, Falun Dafa, for everything you have given me and the world.
(Please click here for my memoir or Free China movie if you don't know my story yet.


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