The Most Beautiful Moment of a Lady-女性最動人的那一刻

These several photos of Ariel Tian from Yun Boutique were proudly taken by me in Prospect Park in New York while professional photographer Benny Zhang from Benny Zhang Studio was taking some seriously professional photos for her. When I saw her elegantly and quietly squatting there and putting on her ear rings, I was suddenly so moved. 

There is an old saying in China that "a true gentleman wouldn't fear to die for those who truly understand him; whilst a true lady only dresses up for her sweet heart." I have always been enchanted by the deep meanings and human emotions behind these beautiful sentences. So, knowing that as a Falun Gong practitioner, Ariel's heart and love have gone far beyond ; and are not only limited to her sweatheart, how could I not be moved?
「士爲知己死 女爲悅己者容」,這其中所含的情義已經是令人蕩氣回腸了,更何況,我知道,作爲一名法輪功學員,她所懷有的心願,更超越了那些?


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