Alarming Figures, Calculations and “Crime Laundry” Attempts

Recently Chinese official media outlet reported that on June 11, Huang Jiefu, former Deputy Minister of Health of China, announced that he expected that 15,000-16,000 organ transplants would be conducted in China this year. The report went on to say that as of 2017, 276,082 people had registered as organ donors, while there were 31,000 more waiting to be registered.
As Huang Jiefu also announced before that China would stop using executed prisoners’ organs, one would reasonably expect that those 15,000-16,000 organ transplants would all come from these 307,082(276,082+31,000) registered donors.
Is this realistic, or reasonable? What is the ratio of registered donors/organ plants in the U.S.?
I searched for the numbers, and found the latest figures for 2016 in the article “More Lives Saved: New Milestone Reached in 2016”(
There was a new milestone reached in 2016: more than 33,600 organ transplants were performed in the U.S. “”In 2016, the number of registered donors surpassed 134 million Americans, 54% of the U.S. adult population.”
So, we could easily do this math:
In the U.S, the ratio of registered donors/organ transplants is:

For me, this figure is very reasonable and believable, as not everyone who registered as an organ donor will die that soon (they may continue to live for decades); and not every dead person’s organs are usable for transplants due to a variety of reasons. So 3988 donors versus 1 transplant sounds quite reasonable to me.

If we use the same ratio to calculate how many organ transplants can be reasonably expected for China out of 307,082 registered donors, the result should be:
To do the math in another way, in China, if they can really do 15,000 organ transplants this year, the ratio of registered donors/organ transplants is:
This means that we can expect one transplant out of every 20.47 registered donors; whilst in the US, the ratio is 3988.
3988 versus 20.47, can anybody explain why the difference is so huge? Why in China they need only 20.47 registered donors to do 1 organ transplant; while in the US, they need as many as 3988?
How do I interpret this? Let’s support that in China, there are really, truly 307,082 registered donors; then these donors can only “sustain” 77 organs transplants. If Huang Jiefu claimed that 15,000-16,000 transplants would be done this years, this means that they had to find 14,923-15,923 organs elsewhere…
And exactly where? If you haven’t heard about “live organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners”, or “killing on demand”, please do google it!
As a labor camp survivor, who had also been subjected to blood test in the labor camp, I have learned to be very cautious about anything that CCP is saying, as I have witnessed too many examples about how good CCP is at faking things. I have also been given too many painful life experiences that were caused by CCP’s lies.
What pains my heart now is that some very high profile transplant organizations and doctors in the West are pretending that they have been convicted by the CCP’s efforts to “reform” their organ transplant system. Some even praised Huang Jiefu, who, according to “The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong”, has “allegedly carried out a large number of organ transplants by using the organs of Falun Gong practitioners”, as a hero, as well as a “victim” for promoting “reform” of the organ transplant system in China.
We’ve all heard the term and understand very well the concept of “money laundry”. For me, this so-called “China Organ Donation System” is only an attempt of “crime laundry”.
When the CCP felt it was too difficult to explain the organ sources for their “booming” organ transplant industry, it shamelessly admitted that they had been using executed prisoners, a crime that they had been furiously denying.
When they realized that using executed prisoners was not good enough for the international community, they hurriedly came up with an “organ donation system” to “laundry” their crimes. Even if they did manage to suddenly and “miraculously” recruit so many “donors”, they still need to explain the organ sources for the transplants they had done prior to the establishment of the so-called “donation system”.
As a matter of fact, investigators from “The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong” have conducted a number of investigations regarding the number of registered donors with organ donation registration centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Sichuan, Shenzhen, Anhui, Harbin, etc. Stuff from many of these centers complained that they didn’t get any or many registrations at all; whist Tianjin got altogether 170 registered donors in 12 years since their establishment in 2003; Sichuan province got 150 donations in 4 years, up to 2016.
Dr. Francis Delmonico, the immediate Past-President of the Transplant Society, defended in a PBS report his decision to invite representatives of China to the 2017 organ transplant summit in Rome by say that “they are part of the problem, but they are also part of the solution.”
“Part of the solution”? Maybe Dr. Francis Delmonico has his own reasons to make such an argument. But for me, to let a murderer to be part of the jury, or even to act as the judge, is not “part of the solution” at all. If we ask the murderer to help us with the investigation, what can we expect? That, unfortunately, is what the international world has been doing.
For example, the US officials were arranged by the CCP to visit Sujiatun Hospital in 2006 after allegations of live organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners were made; and they found “nothing wrong” there.
Another example is the president of the Transplant Society and “other senior members of our Society have visited several transplant centers in China and to the best of our ability, we believe that these centers are no longer using organs from executed people…”
While the present, President-Elect and Immediate Past-President of the Transplantation Society are happily involving the murderers as “part of the solution”, the murderers are triumphantly boasting that “China has introduced ‘the Chinese Model’ to the world at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences Summit on Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism held in the Vatican in February. This means that China has successful landed on the world stage of organ transplant.”
For CCP, this is what they desperately need to dodge concerning voices, to “laundry” their previous crimes; and to continue their mass murder.
And for me, I still need some experts to explain to me, why in the US, they need 3988 donors to sustain 1 organ transplants; while in China, they only need 20.47?


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