Witnessing History Should be Mandator Reading

Photo: Information about my book Witnessing History in the new publication catalog of America. 

Witnessing History-One Chinese Woman’s Fight for Freedom

Praise for Witnessing History
“A glimpse not just of the true face of the Chinese government but of the threat holiness poses to the powerful….A useful counterbalance to the reckless enthusiasm of our leaders and media for the Chinese miracle…Should be mandatory reading.”
-Sydney Morning Herald

A woman, whose only crime was following the tenets of Falun Gong, is “reeducated” through forced labor.

Zheng (Jennifer) Zeng was a graduate in science from Beijing University. She was a wife, a mother, and a Communist Party member. But because she followed a spiritual practice called Falun Gong, her life in China was shattered. For adhering to the practice’s simple tenets Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance, she was sentenced without trial to reeducation through forced labor. Her “enlightenment” took the form of beatings, torture with electric prods, starvation, sleep deprivation, and forced labor. She was compelled to knit for days at a time, her hands bleeding, to produce goods contracted for sale in the US market. Many Falun Gong practitioners died under the harsh conditions. Zheng Zeng was lucky.
This is testament to her ordeal and that of thousands still imprisoned for their beliefs.

5 1/2 X 8 1/4
360 pages

Click here for info about where to read or buy Jennifer's book in English and Chinese, as well as where to watch award winning documentary based on Jennifer's story: "Free China: The Courage to Believe"


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