I’ve also Seen a UFO 我也看見過UFO飛碟

Kurt Russell, a world famous actor, recently broke a 20-year silence about witnessing first hand the US' biggest ever mass UFO sighting in a BBC interview. This reminded me of a similar incident I experienced in late 1970s, or early 1980s, in which I believe that I had also seen a UFO.  
最近知名演員寇特·羅素(Kurt Russell)在一次BBC的採訪中透露,他是20年前發生在鳳凰城的美國最大的UFO事件中的那位被稱爲不知其名(unknow)的目擊機長!當他講出這個經歷時,在場幾位嘉賓似乎一時被驚得不知該說什麼好。

I was about 10 years old then. At that time many people in China were still living in a somewhat “collective” way. People working for the same workplace not only worked together, but also lived together in dwellings belonging to the workplace; but assigned to the workers and their families to live. The workplace also organized limited entertainment events such as outdoor movies for its employees and their families. So in the factory that my father worked for, there was usually one free outdoor movie per week. 那是在1970年代末或1980年代初,那時很多中國人還過著集體化色彩很濃的生活。同一單位的人,不僅上班在一起,住也是在一起,由單位分配房子。每個單位像個相對獨立的王國一樣,要管職工很多事,比如提供簡單的娛樂活動。一週一次的免費露天電影是那時最主要的職工「福利」。當時我父親被發配在四川綿竹縣漢旺鎮的糧機廠工作,我們全家就住在單位分配給的簡易平房中。

One night while watching a movie with over 100 other people, I somehow noticed a round, orange object with a spiral structure and slightly bigger than the run rising from the horizon, at the same spot where the sun rises every day. It slowly spun and moved across the sky. I couldn’t figure out what it was; but closely followed its movement with my eyes. With slow but steady pace, it soon sank underneath a mountain just like the sun; only the path it took was a different one. Our small town was “screened” by two mountains. The sun sinks beneath the mountain at the western side; while that object sank from the other mountain at the east. 有一天晚上,我與約一百名糧機廠職工和家屬們一起看露天電影。看著看著,我不知怎麼就注意到一個圓圓的、橙色的、比太陽略大的東西,如太陽一般從平時太陽升起的地方緩緩地浮上來,它內部有一圈圈暗暗的螺旋式的結構,有點像我們平時看到的表現銀河系的那種漩渦結構圖。這東西升上來後,一邊緩緩地自轉,一邊沿一條直線型的軌跡在空中平移,大約幾分鍾後,就如太陽下山一般,沉到山下去了。不過,它與太陽走的路線不一樣。漢旺鎮是被兩座山如屏風般地「屏蔽」著的。太陽每天是從西邊那座山落下。而我看到的那個有螺旋結構的橙色圓東西,是從東邊那座山落下去的。

I also noticed that nobody else except me had ever paid any attention to this object, as they were all watching the movie with undivided attention. 看到那東西完全落下去之後,我才把視線轉回大銀幕。我發現好像除了我之外,誰也沒注意到這個東西,因爲他們的注意力完全在電影上。

Several days later, I heard that UFO was sighted in our county. So I figured that what I had seen must also be one. 幾天後,我聽到有人說,綿竹縣城裏有人看見了飛碟。我當時就想,那我看見的那個東西,一定就是飛碟。

I have always believed so; although I've never spoken about it before. From all the evidence we have gathered, we might as well take the existence of “aliens” more seriously. 雖然已經過去幾十年了,但當天的事,我仍然記得很清楚。其實我一直以來就相信我看見的就是飛碟。我以爲,對於飛碟和外星人的存在,人類應該已經有足夠的證據了。只是,對於未知領域,很多人會覺得不談爲妙,更加安全些,有的人甚至會去嘲笑試圖談論未知領域與未知事件之人。作爲我個人來說,我不會刻意去迴避自己曾親眼看見、親身經歷的事件。把這個「陳年老事」寫在這裏,算是作個記錄與佐證吧。

Video: 附視頻
Kurt Russell was the civil pilot witness to the phoenix lights UFO:
寇特·羅素(Kurt Russell)在採訪中談論20年前目擊UFO的經歷:



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