Excerpt from Witnessing History

Introduction about me and my book Witnessing History in the new publication catalog of America. 

“I was dragged into the middle of the courtyard and electric shocks rained down on my body, each jolt making me tremble uncontrollably as it pierced me with a violent burning sensation. I sat on the ground clenching my teeth to stop crying out, my head spinning….Both of [of the officers] were prodding me but I wouldn’t let go of my knees. The crackle grew louder and I could feel the current rippling through my body. As it grew in intensity I squeezed my eyes shut, mustering all my will against the black despair sweeping over me and against this monstrous evil threatening to engulf me.

Suddenly something snapped in my brain and I felt the whole world collapse into darkness with a great roar. ‘Hundreds of hardships drop at once, to see how one lives!’ I cried out deep within my soul. Then I collapsed, unconscious, on the ground.”


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