Sunday, May 21, 2017

曾錚的圖片故事(11)Jennifer’s Photo Stories (11)

Brainwashing in Different Eras 被洗腦且快樂著

This photo is my sister(right) dancing a Mongolian dance called “Ode To the Grassland” in late 1970s. Some of its lyrics  go like this:
“Twinkling stars in the sky may be numerous and countless
But they are no match for the number of the sheep in our commune
The clouds in the sky may be white and bright
But they are cast into the shade by the pure color of the cashmere of our commune
Our grassland can only thrive 
Under the brilliant radiance of our dear, great, esteemed and beloved Chairman Mao
 Following the guidance of our dear great Communist Party
We little herdsmen are growing up strong and happy
This kind of lyrics may sound disgusting for us now. However, we didn’t feel so when we sang the song and danced with it happily. And I heard even in today’s China,  “red songs” during the Great Cultural Revolution are still very popular among many people. 
Looking back at that time, I hope this photo can remind us what an absurd period we had lived through; and how brainwashed we were.
The problem is: Are we free of brainwashing today? Definitely not. Only the brainwashing methods are different; so many of us are still being “happily” and willingly brainwashed without realizing it.

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