Wednesday, April 5, 2017

【2017最佳幽默小說The Best 2017 Humorous Fiction in China 】買菸 Purchasing Cigarette

(Jennifer’s warning: If you don’t get the humor, you don’t know China.)
A young man went to a shop and bought a 20 yuan cigarette pack. He gave 50 yuan to the shop owner, and the owner gave him back 40 yuan.
The young man pretended that he didn’t notice this; and went away with the money.
The shop owner shouted at this back, “You forgot your cigarette!”
The young man was moved to tears. He took out 10 yuan and said to the shop owner: “You gave me 10 yuan more.”
The shop owner was in turn moved to tears and said, “Give me back that pack. Let me change it.”
While enjoying the changed cigarette, which truly tasted like cigarette, the young man was again so moved that he said to the shop owner, “Give me back the 50 yuan I paid you before. Let me change it.”
The shop owner was again moved in turn and said, “Give me back the change I gave you. I’ll change it too.”
Upon acceptance of the changed cash note, the young was again moved. He took out a cell phone from his pocket and said,”Here, this is yours. Let me give it back to you.”
And the shop owner was again moved to tears…

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