Thursday, April 13, 2017

【17 Years Ago Today】”Mysterious” Arrest

Photo: Detention Center in Chongwen District in Beijing

Seventeen years ago today, at 2:00 am on April 13, 2000, the police knocked on my door and took me away from my home in Beijing while I was fast asleep. No reason or explanation was given. I was sent to the Detention Center in Chongwen District directly in the same night.
One week later, in the detention center, a police officer triumphantly waved a piece of paper in front of my face, claiming that this was the “evidence” for my “crime”.
On that piece of paper was an intercepted email. The content was a letter I wrote to my in-laws to explain why I did not want to give up Falun Gong even after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) declared a war against it.
Seventeen years later today, I still don’t know who sent out that email to whom. I had surely given a hand-written copy of that letter to a fellow Falun Gong practitioner in Beijing, who said she wanted to show the content to her brother, who did not understand why she practiced Falun Gong. She said I explained the benefits of Falun Gong very well, so she wanted to “borrow” the content. I didn’t know anything about that letter after that, and how it ended up being typed into a computer and then sent as an email.
Anyway, because of this intercepted email (not sent by me), I was sent to the labour camp and nearly tortured to death for my “crime” of “using the internet to voice grievances on behalf of the ‘Falun Gong’ evil cult and to incite resistance to the enforcement of the law.”

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