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【Book Review】Zeng’s Story is Emblematic of Thousands More

Witnessing History
Jennifer Zeng
Allen & Unwin $29.95
Reviewer Lorien Kaye

The history that Jennifer Zeng has witnessed is black. After three stints in a detention centre, she was imprisoned in a “Re-education Through Forced Labour Camp” for almost a year. Re-education was often a euphemism for brainwashing, labour was often a euphemism for physical torture. Sleep deprivation, beatings, and electrocution were common. Her crime? To practice Falun Gong after the Chinese Government had declared it an “evil cult” and banned it.
Falun Gong, as Zeng explains throughout, is a spiritual discipline that was created in China in 1992 based on three core tenets: truth, compassion and forbearance. It is not a religion; although it is based on faith; nor is it a political movement, although practitioners are fighting for their rights.
Zeng is something of a restrained evangelist for the practice, believing that it cured her of Hepatitis C contracted through a book transfusion. Such evangelism can be off-putting, but there is an undeniable power in her account. Whether or not you can accept the claims made for Falun Gong, you can only be outraged by China’s blatant abuses of human rights. Zeng’s story is emblematic of thousands more.
It is Zeng’s description of her internal struggle over whether to renounce the practice that carries the most emotional weight. Torn between her commitment to telling the truth, and her desire to be released, she torments herself over whether to publicly repudiate that she believed in so strongly. Zeng is unflinching in her appraisal of her own behaviour.

(The above review was published at Australian newspaper “The Age” on April 16, 2005)

Click here for info about where to read or buy Jennifer's book in English and Chinese, as well as where to watch award winning documentary based on Jennifer's story: "Free China: The Courage to Believe"

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Regime of Fear

Witnessing History: one woman's fight for freedom and Falun Gong by Jennifer Zeng

By Helene Chung Martin

When five Chinese set themselves ablaze in Tiananmen Square in January 2001, Falun Gong made world headlines. Horrified disciples of the spiritual and qigong(like t’ai chi) organization claimed that none of the five was a member and dissociated themselves from the tragedy, in which one person died. Today, Falun Gong still sees itself as a victim of the government conspiracy to discredit its 100 million faithful.
Sydney-based Jennifer Zeng asks: why did police, some thirty fire engines and cameramen arrive with a minute? How did they get distant, mid-range and close-up images of the self-immolation from so many different angles unless it had been prearranged? Zeng suggests answers to these and other questions in Witnessing History.
For her stubborn practice of Falun Gong-condemned as an “evil cult” by senior leader Jiang Zemin-the Sichuan-born science graduate and investment consultant was sentenced to a year’s re-education through labour at a camp outside Beijing. In 2001, five months after her release, she farewelled her husband and daughter and found refuge in Australia.
Zeng recalls her camp swelling from two hundred inmates to about a thousand as more Falun Gong practitioners challenged China’s one-part state. Cramped in a cell with six fellow followers and a drug addict, she was allowed two minutes, moving and night, for ablutions, and five minutes for each of three meals. Knitting for unending hours, she produced jumpers. Outside, she was ordered to remodel a rubbish dump into lush grass. With hair shorn and in unwashed prison garb, in the soaring heat, she was soon “caked in a thick layer of dried sweat and dirt that you could chip off in chunks”. Torture assumed various forms: she was forced to squat in the sun all day, with hands clasped behind her lowered head; she stood for sixteen hours, reciting Communist Party regulations on conformity; she was deprived of sleep; she endured electric prods; shocks rained down, “each jolt making me tremble uncontrollably as it pierced me with a violent burning sensation”.
I have met Zeng in Melbourne and found her gentle and mild-mannered. Now, while reading of her torment and her determination to defy the authorities in China, I find myself pleading with her: “Why? Why insist on naming yourself ‘Falun Gong’? Why not be with your family and just practice privately? Why publicize your beliefs? China’s a police state. To survive you can’t stand on principle. The underground Catholic Church keeps quiet on its links with Rome. Why push the system?”
Zeng claims Falun Gong restored her health. She tells how blood transfusions after childbirth caused hepatitis C, followed by cirrhosis of the liver, which left her feeling constantly dizzy, a virtual captive at home, “so weak a breeze would almost blow me over”. Then Falun Gong transformed her. It also injected her with missionary zeal. Compelled to exercise with others, usually in public parks, she becomes as distressed by the loss of her textbooks as the most devout Christian by the loss of a prayer book, and committed to spreading the word, even at the cost of martyrdom.
Falun Gong purports to be a meditation and qigong group that upholds truthfulness, compassion and forbearance. These tenets are central to many religions, including some tolerated in China, and to ordinary good citizenship. So why does the regime feel so threaten by Falun Gong as to have persecuted to death more than a thousand followers, and to have imprisoned tens of thousands in labour camps? Zeng cites both these figures and claims that China spends over one million yuan( about A$150,000) daily on security in Tiananmen Square.
To Beijing’s unelected leaders, Falun Gong’s threat lies in its mobilizing power. Founded in 1992 by the Chinese-born Li Hongzhi, Falun Gong in 1999 massed ten thousand practitioners outside the Communist Party compound, Zhongnanhai. The size of this peaceful protest against government attacks surprised and shook the party. Individuals are free to meditate, perform qigong, make money-and even to criticize the party-but not to congregate except under party control.
Falun Gong’s media armory includes the US-based New Tang Dynasty television channel and The Epoch Times, both represented in Australia. In 2002 the group interrupted Chinese television in Heilongjiang province with more than an hour of its own propaganda and silenced an anti-Falun Gong broadcast in ten provinces. Having been paralyzed for weeks in 1989 by disorganized pro-democracy demonstrators-until crushed
by tanks-the government began to fear the political tactics and formidable global strategy of Falun Gong.
Although Zeng’s memoir, translated by Sue Wiles, could have been tightened by editing and of more value with an index, it is moving and well written: an unveiling of an indomitable soul and an expose of a cruel and fearful regime.

This review was published on “Australian Book Review” in March 2005.

Helene Chung Martin is an AUSTRALIAN JOURNALIST, AUTHOR & SPEAKER. She has reported from Australia, Hong Kong, Britain, Egypt and China and freelanced for BBC, CBS, NPR, NZBC and Hong Kong radio.

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其实说白了,现在大陆这种仙侠系列小说改编的电视剧都是"偷换概念" 杜撰的。给90后和00后看的。80后都不一定爱看,70后更不爱看了。您不能把它的品味放的太高了,跟谁比也比不了。就是个茶余饭后随便看着玩的东西,外国没有仙侠剧,国内拍一个类似神话的东西,但加了些西方的电脑特效。品位高的作家可看不了这东西。


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反之,前幾年NTD 新唐人電視台播過的熱門韓劇《擁抱太陽的月亮》中,剛出場沒多少就被殺害的巫女阿里,戲份很少,卻讓人記得很牢,因爲她的氣節,她目睹的事件,她對好姐妹綠英的囑託,等等,都是整個故事展開的不可分割的一部分,她有著完整、鮮明、真實的性格和命運,所以出場時間雖短,卻完全不是打醬油的。

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The Spirit of April 25 Will Change China and the World

Falun Gong practitioners gathered around Zhongnanhai to silently, peacefully appeal for fair treatment on April 25, 1999. (Photo courtesy

On April 25 eighteen years ago, together with ten thousand-plus Falun Gong practitioners, I stood quietly on Fuyou Street outside the Zhongnanhai Communist Party leadership compound in Beijing, where the Appeals Office of the State Council is located—the office the regime has established where people could complain of official misconduct.
It was a warm and sunny spring day; and the temperature was just about right, not too hot and not too cool.  Although many people were there, it didn’t feel that way. Everybody just stood quietly. Most of the time, I was reading my “Zhuan Falun,” a book I always carried with me that lays out the core teachings of Falun Gong, which are based on the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance.
Falun Gong practitioner Jennifer Zeng, cries as she honors a victim of the persecution at the Washington Monument, July 22, 2010. (Mark Zou/The Epoch Times)
Jennifer Zeng honors a victim of the persecution at the Washington Monument on July 22, 2010. (Mark Zou/Epoch Times)
I felt very calm. Never did I realize what that day and that appeal would mean to China and to the world in the years to come. On the evening of April 25, the then-head of the Chinese Communist Party sent a letter to top officials warning that the practitioners’ appeal was a “new signal” of a movement that threatened the Communist Party; in July he would order a campaign to eradicate the practice of Falun Gong.
On the day before, I heard from a fellow Falun Gong practitioner that He Zuoxiu, a Chinese Communist Party propagandist who covered culture and science, had just published an article slandering Falun Gong. Many Falun Gong practitioners in Tianjin City had protested this article. They wanted the public to know it was full of lies and asked that it be retracted. They ended up being beaten and arrested.
The police and authorities in Tianjin then told practitioners that this affair could only be resolved by appealing to the central government. Therefore, many practitioners decided to go to the Appeals Office in Beijing to express their concerns.
After reading He Zuoxiu’s article, I also decided to go.
Falun Gong practitioners gathered around Zhongnanhai to silently, peacefully appeal for fair treatment on April 25, 1999. (Photo courtesy
Falun Gong practitioners gathered around Zhongnanhai to silently,
peacefully appeal for fair treatment on April 25, 1999.
(Photo courtesy

At that time I had been practicing Falun Gong for nearly two years and had regained my health and found the real meaning of my life. I firmly believed that this practice could only be beneficial to everyone and every society. However, He Zuoxiu’s unfair and vicious attacks on Falun Gong could undermine people’s opportunity to benefit from it. Therefore, I took responsibility to do what I could to stop those attacks.  
For me, the decision-making process was as simple as that. However, on the morning of April 25, while watching so many practitioners walking quietly down the street in front of me, I couldn’t help shedding tears. I didn’t understand why I was crying. I only vaguely felt that I was deeply moved, and very proud.
Perhaps, on some deeper level I had a premonition about exactly what these Falun Gong practitioners were destined to go through, and about the marvelous courage and magnificent deeds they would display for many, many years to come.
I later learnt that many people had left notes before they left home in the morning in case something happened to them. Behind the calmness and quietness of that day, was the courage to let go of life and death.
What does Chinese society lack today? Isn’t it exactly the kind of people who have the moral courage to uphold justice and to sacrifice for others without much hesitation or calculation?
Falun Gong practitioners near Zhongnanhai on April 25, 1999. (Photo courtesy
Falun Gong practitioners near Zhongnanhai on April 25, 1999.
(Photo courtesy

Some Chinese claimed that these practitioners were involved in politics; some said that they were stupid; some also believed that there was no chance to challenge people in power.
Eighteen years have thus passed amongst misunderstandings and misgivings. However, eighteen years afterward, when we look back at that day, we see more clearly the significance of it.
Those were a group of people who looked ordinary and simple, but had actually gained greater wisdom and courage. They had found the meaning of life and, without hesitation or a single backward glance, silently chose to shoulder the grave responsibilities of upholding justice and the truth.
For this, some of them have lost their lives, homes, or families; some have been imprisoned and tortured; some have been murdered for their organs; and some have to live in exile. They have been tormented, defamed, and ridiculed.
The same silent courage and serene calmness displayed for the first time to the world on April 25 eighteen years ago has accompanied them and enabled them to rise above the most ruthless repression in human history. Their example has brought hope and brightness to a world full of despair and darkness. They are changing China, and will change the world.

Jennifer Zeng is the author of “Witnessing History: One Chinese Woman’s Fight for Freedom and Falun Gong.” Before being persecuted in China for her faith, she was a researcher and consultant in the Development Research Center of the State Council, the State Cabinet. Her story is featured in the award-winning documentary, “Free China; the Courage to Believe,” co-produced by New Tang Dynasty Television and World2Be Productions.

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"This Book Should be Compulsory Reading for the Younger Generation"

(The following review was published on the journal of Society of Women Writers NSW Inc, Australia, after Jennifer gave a speech to its members in 2005. Valerie Pybus was a Past President of both the Society of Women Writers NSW Inc. and Fellowship of Australian Writers Manly & Peninsular Regional Australia.)
In April 2000, Jennifer Zeng was sent to a Chinese labour camp for “re-education”. Her experiences there were harrowing and-it quickly became clear-her memory of them still raw.
The reason for Jennifer’s arrest and imprisonment was her adherence to the beliefs and practices of Falun Gong. One of a number of qigong movements, Falun Gong is an exercise and meditation practice that advocates there principles: truthfulness, compassion, forbearance.
Jennifer opened by telling us how overwhelmed she had been by the freshly-announced defection and request for Australian asylum of her compatriot, Chen Yonglin. Australia, she told us, should take serious the diplomat’s claims that China has a thousand spies operation in our country, with kidnapping of former Chinese nationals as part of their brief. She herself had experienced the felling of being “watched” since her arrival here three years ago. She warned that other countries, too, had likewise been infiltrated.
Jennifer Zeng was born in 1966, the year the Cultural Revolution began. In 1984, after finishing high school, she moved from her native Sichuan to Beijing where she completed a Master’s degree in Science (geochemistry). Some time later she contracted Hepatitis C and became seriously ill. Seeking relief from the physical distress that Hepatitis C inflicts, “I tried other qigong(movements with a religious/philosophic core) but none of them gave real benefits. After one month of Falun Gong, my symptoms were gone.”
Unfortunately for Jennifer, Falun Gong is a movement that the Chinese government sees as a threat to its authority. In April 2000, as mentioned, Jennifer was arrested and sent for re-education-in a camp which she described as a “living hell on earth”. Compared with a Chinese labour camp, “the camps of Hitler and the Gulag(were) far less cruel.”
Like other inmates, Jennifer had to perform forced labour, making garments-“for sixteen hours a day, sometimes with no sleep at all.” All there garments, said Jennifer, are exposed. “You might even be wearing a garment that I made.”
The main purpose of this camp-and others like them-is “to crush the will of prisoners. The police tell the guards to torture to the best of their ability”-with the less than zealous ones themselves likely to be subjected to torture in their turn.
A favorite punishment is sleep deprivation. Jennifer mentioned one woman who became insane following fifteen days and nights without sleep, compounded by psychological torture. The use of electric prods was anther measure commonly used. Subjected to such treatment, Jennifer on one occasion ended up losing consciousness.
After six months of enduring and witnessing such horrors, “a voice came to me. I must write a book about these crimes which should not exist in the twenty-first century.”
Coming to this decision was one thing. Implementing it was another matter. Before she could write the book, Jennifer had first to get out of the camp. And before she could do that, she had first to satisfy the authorities by denouncing Falun Gong. This Jennifer decided to do, in October 2000, and was then faced with a particular refinement of cruelty. As proof that her denunciation was bona fide, she was required also to torture other inmates. Jennifer’s naked emotion in telling of this is, something none of us will quite put from our minds.
One month after her release, Jennifer started her book. In doing so she “[had] difficulty as a non-writer trying to find the words to express my experiences”. Her task was made the harder by her needing to relive the trauma of that experience. Having completed a portion of it, Jennifer copied it to two floppy discs, ripping the hard disc clean. These floppy discs she contrived to send out of China to a friend in New Zealand.
In September 2001, Jennifer manage to come to this country, having secured a visa with the help an Australian. Once here, she had still to live with uncertainty. Would she be granted refugee status?(It took two years.) Would she find a job? And there was constantly that fear of being “watched”.
Despite there preoccupations and uncertainties, Jennifer’s priority remained the completion of her book.
In a voice that was a tumble of emotions, Jennifer now read to us a passage from the book’s preface. In it she speaks of the driving purpose behind her writing of it and the fact that, “For this I am prepared to sacrifice my life.”
“It’s happening every day,” she told us regarding the ongoing persecution of Falun Gong members, two thousand of whom had been tortured to death in the past six years. “I want the Australian people and government to know. This kind of people is not to be trusted. It is now wise to deal with people you don’t understand. I’m crying my heart out for the world to know the real China that’s under the curtain today.”
Central to the discussion that followed Jennifer’s speech was the question as to why the government is so bent on eradicating Falun Gong. “Why does it label the movement as ‘evil cult’?” The answer mainly lies in the fact that the Chinese government is a centralized one. As such it sees as vital the maintenance of rigid control over its teeming millions. In introducing Jennifer, Valerie Pybus told us that on a trip she had made to China she “had never seen human beings so controlled.” Against that must be set the fact that, in the last seven years, Falun Gong membership has grown so rapidly that is outweighs Communist party numbers. Add to this the fact that Falun Gong, though very loosely organized, subscribes to a non-materialistic view of life-a view inimical to the government’s thrust to economic development above all else. Unable to reconcile the opposing views, the Chinese government has-regrettably-restored to persecution and repression.
Understand the Chinese government’s motives does nothing to excuse them. “We are all a little non-plussed (at them)”, said Dorothy Keyworth, in her vote of thanks to Jennifer. Essentially, Falun Gong adherents were “practicing being good.” Two of Dorothy’s abiding memories, after reading Jennifer’s book, were the vision of the unfortunates being tortured with electric prods and the vision of “all those women in a cell, knitting fifteen hours a day.”
To Valeria Pybus, the last word: “I challenge you all to read this book. It should be compulsory reading for the younger generation.”

Click here for info about where to read or buy Jennifer's book in English and Chinese, as well as where to watch award winning documentary based on Jennifer's story: "Free China: The Courage to Believe"

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然而,「歷史」已經過去。它是由誰記載的,怎樣去看待它,今天又是由誰來「解釋」「解讀」的,就至關重要。因此,在我想要補一補「歷史」這門功課時,我選擇了大紀元 epochtimes.com上登載的【中國歷史正述】系列,並鄭重向朋友們推薦。

「上帝的恩賜之一」 "Grace of God"

This is a message I received today. I am really humbled and feel like sharing it. 這是今天收到的一個網友留言。我很感動,特此分享。)
Jennifer it is by the grace of God for some one to be kind to humanity. But I can say boldly that you are among the people that received that grace. keep it rolling.

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曾錚的圖片故事(10)Jennifer’s Photo Stories (10)

Praising the Murderer 「無知的」碩士及學者

This clearly is a very “awkward” photo for our dance team in Hanwang Middle School in Mianzhu County, Sichuan Province in China. The photographer was not fast enough to snap a photo while we were dancing; so he asked us to hold still afterwards so that he could "make up" for what he missed. However, he was still way too slow. Some of us became impatient and gave up holding the pose. Only three still managed to stay in the posture, with two showing miserable expressions including me at the back row. 
And what was the dance all about? It was about singing the praises of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) for “liberating the slaves in Tibet”. We were obviously dressed and acted as grateful Tibetans to express our gratitude towards the CCP.
For more than 30 years, all those songs that glorify the CCP engraved very deeply in my mind; as I had heard them too many times. Like the song accompanied our dance, we had to listen to it countless times while practicing the dance.
It was not until 2001, when I was already 35 years old, did I ever realize that my knowledge about Tibet was very, very wrong. It was at a human rights forum in Melbourne on the Human Rights Day; and I was invited there to talk about the persecution I suffered in the Chinese labor camp for practicing Falun Gong. At that stage I had just escaped from China several months ago.
At the Q & A session, a lady asked me, “What do you know about the persecution in Tibet? Do they suffer similar persecution?”
I quickly searched within my mind for what I knew about Tibet; and realized in panic that apart from “the CCP had liberated Tibetan salves and brought them eternal happiness”, I knew nothing at all about what happened in Tibet.
As a labor camp survivor who had nearly been tortured to death, and who had witnessed how mad and overwhelming CCP’s lies and propaganda campaign could be, I of course already knew that what the CCP had told us about Tibet could be all wrong. But what was the right information?
I had to admit that that was one of the most embarrassing moments in my entire life. As a Master of Science who graduated from a top university, Peking University, in China, I had thought that I was quite well educated, very smart, and knew a lot. But at that embarrassing moment when so many people were eagerly gazing at me and waiting for an answer, I had to admit that I was too ignorant to offer any.
The other day I saw a post of Professor Ming Xia from CUNY-College of Staten Island, sharing similar “ignorance” and “embarrassment” of knowing nothing about Iwo Jima and its significance as someone who had studied International Politics for eight years and then taught it for three years in China.
So, how devastating is the damage that the CCP has done to China and Chinese people? How hard do we need to work in order to get rid of it? I would say that we have a long way to go!
前兩天在網上看到紐約城市大學斯泰登學院(CUNY—College of Staten Island)夏明教授的一個帖子,說他作爲已在中國接受國際政治系八年訓練並授課三年的學者,來到美國後才發現自己並不了解美國在二戰,尤其是太平洋戰爭中的犧牲和貢獻,以及硫磺島之戰的重要性,當時也是無比尷尬。
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網友:我的很多網友進去了,被傳訊、 抄家,有氣餒的,也有勇敢的。玫瑰中國的主編伍立娟女士,就是勇敢的人,她進去好幾次了。








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Positive Thinking (Again)

Photo: Jennifer's Facebook Page at:

Yesterday I posted the post below on my Facebook page about rating and positive thinking. This morning after I woke up, I found that as many as 17 people "madly" attacking me belief in Falun Gong, and giving my page 1 star ratings overnight.
I set my Facebook page in January; up till yesterday, in more than 3 months, I only received 5 ratings. And yet yesterday after my "Our Thoughts Do Have Power" post, I received as many as 23 ratings in less than 24 hours, with 6 five stars and 17 one star.
So, the positive thinking about this is: my Facebook page has started to draw attention from the other side of the earth, where "50 Cent Army ( are thriving. Am I upset? No, not at all.
The Chinese Communist Party(CCP) has been untilzing the entire state power and propaganda machinery to crack down on Falun Gong. Have they ever been able to achieve what they want? Not in the least. "Coercion cannot change people’s hearts". "Never in history has someone who persecuted those with upright faiths ever succeeded. "(Quotes by Mr. Li Hongzhi, founder of Falun Gong).
I only hope those who are still helping the CCP to persecute innocent people, or those who still choose to believe CCP's lies, to wake up earlier. I also hope that they understand that attacking other people's beliefs could be regarded as criminal behavior in the US.
As far as the rating goes, I actually don't care about it at all. So this will be the last post that I will ever talk about it.
Here is yesterday's post
【Jennifer’s Insights】Our Thoughts Do Have Power
The other day someone gave a 1 star rating for my Facebook page at, saying that I should learn more science (despite the fact that I am already a Master of Science). I was a little bit upset then, as his rating dragged down the average score of my page to 3.7 out of 5. I thought to myself, “Shall I ask a few friends to give me a higher rating?” But I gave up the idea, feeling that it wasn’t quite right.
However, this morning I saw that two unknown users really did rate my page for 5 stars during my sleep last night. Therefore my average rating rose to 4.2 out of 5. I was very pleased; and remembered an old saying that “our thoughts do have power”.
As a matter of fact, ever since I read in Zhuan Falun that “Zhen-Shan-Ren* is the Sole Criterion to Discern Good and Bad People” 20 years ago, I have been totally set free from my self inferiority complex, as well as worries about how other people would look at or thing about me. However, to be able to experience that “our thoughts do have power” is a pleasant thing that I’d like share. So, for my dear friends who believe in positive thinking, please do think about good things more frequently, as they will definitely bring about good energy and good results!
(Footnote: * Zhen, Shan, and Ren (juhn, shahn, ren)—Zhen means “true, truth, truthfulness”; Shan, “compassion, benevolence, kindness, goodness”; Ren, “forbearance, tolerance, endurance, self-control.”)



前兩天有個人給我的臉書博客(評了個一星,還說我"too young, too naive", 應該多學自然科學知識(難道他不知道我已經是理學碩士了嗎?),當時心裏有一點點難過,他這個一星,把我的博客評分一下拉低到只有3.7分了。當時就想,要不要動員一二朋友給我評個高點的分啊?又覺得這有「作弊 」的「嫌疑」,就放棄了。
今早起來一看,還真有兩個朋友來給了我5星,這下總評分終於到4.2 分,不那麼難看了,哈哈,這不是心想事成嗎?

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【17 Years Ago Today】”Mysterious” Arrest

Photo: Detention Center in Chongwen District in Beijing

Seventeen years ago today, at 2:00 am on April 13, 2000, the police knocked on my door and took me away from my home in Beijing while I was fast asleep. No reason or explanation was given. I was sent to the Detention Center in Chongwen District directly in the same night.
One week later, in the detention center, a police officer triumphantly waved a piece of paper in front of my face, claiming that this was the “evidence” for my “crime”.
On that piece of paper was an intercepted email. The content was a letter I wrote to my in-laws to explain why I did not want to give up Falun Gong even after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) declared a war against it.
Seventeen years later today, I still don’t know who sent out that email to whom. I had surely given a hand-written copy of that letter to a fellow Falun Gong practitioner in Beijing, who said she wanted to show the content to her brother, who did not understand why she practiced Falun Gong. She said I explained the benefits of Falun Gong very well, so she wanted to “borrow” the content. I didn’t know anything about that letter after that, and how it ended up being typed into a computer and then sent as an email.
Anyway, because of this intercepted email (not sent by me), I was sent to the labour camp and nearly tortured to death for my “crime” of “using the internet to voice grievances on behalf of the ‘Falun Gong’ evil cult and to incite resistance to the enforcement of the law.”

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【Jennifer’s Quick Comments 曾錚快評】通知=統治?Notifying=Ruling?

The other day I shared this message circulated on Chinese social media platform WeiChat ahead of the Xi Jinping-Donald J. Trump summit in April 6-7. This message offered Chinese people $60 in compensation per day to come "welcome" Xi Jinping. It also said that transportation, food, and housing would be taken care off.
Someone left a comment on my post saying that he had studied in Japan and then worked in France. Under the Chinese Consulate’s “ruling”, he and others had welcomed the Chinese president “numerous” times without being paid anything. Then he corrected himself by saying that the “ruling” in his previous post should be “notifying”.
I almost laughed at this “coincidence”, as in Chinese, the pronunciation of “rule” and “notify” is exactly the same. That person must have wanted to type in “notify”, but mistakenly chose “rule” instead.
Then I suddenly thought: Wait a minute. Isn’t “notifying” exactly a form of “ruling”? 
For example, I am an Australian citizen living in the US. If I encounter any problems or difficulties, I can contact Australian consulates in the US for help. However, the Australian consulates will never be able to “notify” me anything because they don’t have any of my contact information whatsoever! As a matter of fact, I have never been “notified” anything in the past five plus years during my stay in the US.
Then, the problem comes: How can Chinese consulate be able to “notify” Chinese students living in other countries? Well, among Chinese communities, it is already an “open secret”. Mr. Chen Yonglin, former consul for political affairs and first secretary of the Chinese consulate in Sydney, who defected to Australia in 2005, told me years ago that the Chinese Consulate usually would transfer cash money directly into the personal bank accounts of the presidents of the Chinese students’ unions in different universities for them to organize activities such as picnics. Free food and “free” fun were offered to attract the students. Therefore, Chinese students got to stick together both physically and emotionally.
那現在問題就來了:爲何中領館能把「通知」發到各個國家的中國留學生頭上去呢?這在海外華人中,當然已經是公開的祕密。2005年從悉尼中領館逃出來的前中共政治領事、一等祕書陳用林Yonglin Chen曾親口對我說過,中領館會直接把錢打到各學生會主席的私人銀行帳號上,做學生會的活動經費,比如搞個免費的野餐、聚餐之類的,這樣把大家攏在一起,拉近感情。
Then, when “patriotic” crowds or enthusiasm are needed, “notifications” (or “rulings”) can be delivered to this network in a very timely and organized manner.
Apart from students’ unions, there are also all sorts of townsmen associations, or more active organizations such as “the Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China” mentioned in this Sydney Morning Herald report:…/huang-xiangmos-prochina-group-denie….
當然,除了學生會之外,還有什麼「海外學生學者聯誼會」,各種同鄉會,以及如澳洲《悉尼晨鋒報》(Sydney Morning Herald)這篇報導(…/huang-xiangmos-prochina-group-denie…)中所提到的「澳洲中國和平統一促進會」等等,總之有一個強大的網絡將生活在海外的華人攏在一起。
Has anyone ever seen any consulates other than Chinese consulate so painstakingly trying to “connect”, organize, and “notify (rule)” people who once lived in their countries? Do leaders from countries other than Communist China ever need their consulates to “hire” a crowd for them? If, after living in overseas for many years, we still cannot see how “weird” the Chinese Communist Party(CCP)’s thinking and ways of handling things are, we are still not part of the free and civilized world. And worse still, we could be still controlled by the evil specter of the CCP, just as the Nine Commentary of Communist Party has pointed out.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

歡迎習主席有錢拿 Payment Promised for Crowd who Welcome Xi Jinping

Need some extra $$$? Well, you can join the crowd to welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping, dress in red, wave the red flags, and listento the anti US song played again and again. 歡迎習主席有錢拿。直接看圖,不解釋。
This image is a screen shot of recruitment notice circulated amongst Chinese people living in the US via social media. It promises $60 daily payment, free accommodation and transportation if you join the crowd to welcome Xi Jinping during his meeting with President Donald J. Trump from April 6-7.

Let's do some simple math here. It was said that 3000 people showed up the Mar-a-Lago resort. So much does the "rent-a-crowd" cost?
60*2*3000+100(suppose this the transportation cost per person)*3000+100(hotel cost?)*3000+50(meal cost per day?)*2*3000=1,260,000
Correct me if my calculation is wrong. The question is, who is going to pay the 1.26 million?

To the Good in All of Us

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

【2017最佳幽默小說The Best 2017 Humorous Fiction in China 】買菸 Purchasing Cigarette

(Jennifer’s warning: If you don’t get the humor, you don’t know China.)
A young man went to a shop and bought a 20 yuan cigarette pack. He gave 50 yuan to the shop owner, and the owner gave him back 40 yuan.
The young man pretended that he didn’t notice this; and went away with the money.
The shop owner shouted at this back, “You forgot your cigarette!”
The young man was moved to tears. He took out 10 yuan and said to the shop owner: “You gave me 10 yuan more.”
The shop owner was in turn moved to tears and said, “Give me back that pack. Let me change it.”
While enjoying the changed cigarette, which truly tasted like cigarette, the young man was again so moved that he said to the shop owner, “Give me back the 50 yuan I paid you before. Let me change it.”
The shop owner was again moved in turn and said, “Give me back the change I gave you. I’ll change it too.”
Upon acceptance of the changed cash note, the young was again moved. He took out a cell phone from his pocket and said,”Here, this is yours. Let me give it back to you.”
And the shop owner was again moved to tears…