Thursday, March 30, 2017

【Truth from an Insider 內情報告】Faking with True Materials 真材實料的造假

While reading my friends Matthew Robertson and Jacob Lavee’s article “China’s Organ Transplant Problem” in “The Diplomat” today(…/03/chinas-organ-transplant-problem/), I came upon this sentence: ”Such inconsistent accounts of donor data indicate that these official claims simply cannot be taken at face value.” Suddenly I remembered a true story that I have never shared before; and felt that I should share it now. 
The story happened inside Beijing Female Forced Labor Camp in 2001, when I was imprisoned there for practicing Falun Gong. The food was terrible. One day the menu said that we were going to have “chicken with potato” for lunch. A fellow inmate signed and said, “When can we have ‘chicken with chicken’?”
I didn’t quite get her humor, as I was still new there. But later when we did get the “chicken with potato” into our bowels, I understood: There was barely any chicken; but all potato pieces.
However, several months later, when there were visitors in the labor camp, we were suddenly given so many pork ribs to show to the visitors how well we were treated. The amount was way too much more than usual, we just couldn’t finish it. But we weren’t allowed to leave any food uneaten, or to take it back to our cells. And the time for eating was extremely short. When the stop command was given, we had to stop eating sharp.
So, on that day, eating a lot of meat, which should have been what we dreamed for, became another type of torture. I nearly threw up time and time again. A non Falun Gong inmate beside me just pretended that she accidentally dropped her bowl to the ground to avoid being tortured in that way. However, when she cleaned away the wasted pork ribs, she almost cried: what a pity that such “treasure” was wasted that way! And sure enough, since then we had never had the luxury to see any trace of pork ribs again!
What’s more, the visitors were none other than supervisors and fellow police officers from other labor camps. This means that even supervisors and comrades had to be deceived. 
So, can one ever expect any truth from Chinese propaganda or official numbers?
As far as I am concerned, almost everything is faked, or faked to a certain extent in China. The faking is everywhere; and people are faking without even realizing or knowing it. Faking has become almost second nature for many people. It would be strange if somebody just gave out “unpolished” figures or stories!

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