Friday, March 10, 2017

Jennifer’s Photo Stories(6) 曾錚的圖片故事(6)

Living with Dad Alone 父母分居的日子( 續)
My first sister was born when I was four years old. My mother couldn’t take care of two children on her own, as she also needed to work. So I was sent to my father, who had been relocated to Hanwang after being labeled as a “black pawn of reactionary capitalist-roader” and publicly denounced during the "Cultural Revolution". Hanang was a small town with a population as small as 30,000; and was about 100 kilometers away from where my mother and my older sister lived.
I learned later that the dress I was wearing in the photo with my father was hand-made by him. As a matter of fact, all the clothes my two sisters and I had in our childhood were all home made, mostly by my mother. We couldn’t afford to buy factory made clothes then.
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