Wednesday, March 29, 2017

曾錚演示法輪功第五套功法Jennifer Zeng Demonstrating the 5th Exercise of Falun Gong

In June, 2016, I was invited to Galen Catholic College in Australia to attend the “Free China: The Courage to BelieveFree(" screenings. I also had the honor to speak to hundreds of lovely students and teachers about my experiences of practicing Falun Gong, as well as the persecution I suffered in China. 
2016年6月,我應邀到澳洲天主教高中Galen Catholic College參加《自由中國:有勇氣相信》的放映會,也有幸向數百名師生分享了我修煉法輪功的心得,以及在中國遭受的迫害。
After two days of successful events, Tim Ellis, a teacher of Galen Catholic College and our gracious host, asked me to demonstrate what I did in "Free China” movie, which was the 5th Exercise of Falun Gong, “Reinforcing Supernatural Powers”. He said that he believed this would leave good energy to the school. So I did it at the school library. My heart and good wishes (and hopefully some good energy) stay there with all the lovely students and teachers!
兩天成功的活動結束後,當我將要離開學校時,負責接待的學校老師Tim Ellis突然說,你可否做一遍你在《自由中國》電影中做的那個功法,以便給學校留下一些好的能量?於是我就坐在學校圖書館的桌子上快速演示了一遍法輪功第五套功法:「神通加持法」。我也希望,借此機會能將我的良好祝願永遠留給那些可愛而熱情的師生們!
And many thanks for my follow Falun Gong practitioner  Leigh Smith for recording this with my phone. The exercise music was added later.
另外要感謝與我同去的墨爾本法輪功學員 Leigh Smith用手機幫我錄錄下了這段視頻。功法音樂是我後加上去的。
All the Falun Gong books, exercise instruction videos and musics can be freely downloaded from :

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