Wednesday, March 8, 2017

一位西人眼中的中國人現狀A Westerner's Observation of Chinese People Today

I’d like to share this comment by an Australian friend about this photo and this article I shared yesterday, as I think his observation is quite accurate, and similar to what I saw. That’s why I thought it was necessary to write about the past to remind people today in my “Jennifer’s Photo Storie” series.
“It’s interesting reading Chinese people's comments about China when your picture was taken. I wonder how many Chinese citizens at that time thought Mao was evil and the Communist government was a cult? I wonder if they were aware how extreme the ideology was at the time, or did they realise it later in their life? How many realised it after being persecuted for their political, religious or spiritual beliefs and practice? Some of my (non practitioner) Chinese friends are loyal to the CCP government, think Mao was great, realise the Cultural Revolution was bad (extreme) but still believe the official propaganda about minority groups and denials about labour camps and forced organ harvesting.”

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