Monday, March 20, 2017

曾錚的圖片故事(9)Jennifer’s Photo Stories (9)

Criticizing without Knowing or Understanding 小學生的無知批判

This photo was taken I believe when I was in my fourth grade of elementary school. I was obviously making a speech. At that time the “Criticize Lin [Biao], critics Kong[Confucius], counter the right-deviationist reactionaries” campaign was in full swing. Even though I had not quite figured out who Lin Biao and “Kong Number Two”[Confucius) were, I did what my teachers told me and threw myself into the movement. I copied critical articles from newspapers and modeled speeches on them, and I even wrote some derivative doggerel. So this photo was taken when I read one of my critical articles. I later won a “Criticize Lin, criticize Confucius, counter the right-deviationist reactionaries” activist award that was up on the wall at home for years.
這張照片應該是我小學四年級時照的。那時「批林批孔 反擊右傾翻案風」運動正如火如荼地開展。雖然我連林彪、「孔老二」是誰也沒有十分搞清楚,卻在學校老師的帶領下積極地投身於這場運動,從報紙上抄了許多批判文章作發言稿,還寫過幾首象模象樣的打油詩。這張照片就是我上臺念批判稿時照的。為此,我得了一張「批林批孔、反擊右傾翻案風」運動積極分子的獎狀,掛在家裡許多年。
Many years later, when I was already in university, I read the Three-character Classic for the first time. And I exclaimed in my heart: “Heavens!This is so good! And as a child I was forever criticizing it-how absurd!”
And sadly, that is still the reality in China. Only today’s elementary students are criticizing Falun Gong,without ever knowing what Falun Gong really is, or ever reading any of the Falun Gong books.
Also, I was actually wearing a “red scarf” of “The Young Pioneers” in the photo. I managed to remove it with Photoshop, as today I see it as a disgrace to wear it on me. Under the Chinese Communist Party's rulings, 80 million Chinese people died of unnatural causes. I don’t want to have any connection with such an evil and murderous party. So I removed the red scarf with my awkward Photoshop skill.

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