Friday, February 10, 2017

當唐僧遭遇媒體……What Happens When You Fight Fake News?

(中文是我從網上抄的,英文是我翻譯的。The above was picked and translated by Jennifer from online content in Chinese. )

1. Monk Tang Sanzang (in case you don’t know, he is the master of Monkey King from the famous novel “Journey to the West”) finished the endeavor of obtaining Buddhist sacred texts from India. As soon as he landed in Beijing, journalists asked:”What’s your opinion regarding the three accompany girls in Beijing? (Jennifer’s note: “three accompany girls” in China refer to girls who offer accompany services when you eat, drink or go out. It is commonly understood that sex services are usually included.) Monk Tang Sanzang asked in surprise, “Are there also three accompany girls in Beijing?” Immediately the following news breaks: “Monk Tang Arrives in Beijing, and Immediately Inquires Whether There Are Three Accompany Girls.”
2. Journalists asked Monk Tang, “What’s your opinion about girls offering sex services?” Monk Tang replied, “Not interested!” The next day the headline goes like this:” Monk Tang’s Requirement for Night Life is High. Local Sex Workers Left in the Cold.”
3. Journalists asked Monk Tang, “Do you have any opinions regarding ‘three accompany girls’?” Monk Tang asked angrily, “What on earth is this three accompany four accompany and five accompany? I know nothing!” The next day the headline goes like this:”Three Accompany Girls Can Hardly Satisfy Monk Tang, Who Demands Four Accompany and Five Accompany Girls.”
4. Journalist again asked Monk Tang questions; and Monk Tang refused to respond. The next day the headline goes: “Confronted with the Three Accompany Girls Question, Monk Tang Cannot Offer a Response.”
5. Monk Tang became very angry and said to the journalist, “I will sue you in court for writing fake news!” The next day the headline goes,”Monk Tang Extremely Angry Because of Three Accompany Girls”
6. Monk Tang was so angry that he really went to court and sued the journalist. On the next day, all the newspapers reported that “The Court Is Going to Hear The Case regarding Monk Tang and the Three Accompany Girls.” Upon reading these reports, Monk Tang knocked his head against the wall and killed himself as a result.

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