Sunday, February 26, 2017

《女兒語錄》後記及導覽 Reading Guide to the ”Quote of My Daughter" Series

Jennifer and her one year old daughter in Beijing. 

When I started writing the ”Quote of My Daughter" series, it was pretty much just to share some fun moments with my Facebook friends. However, as the writing evolved, I gradually realized how my daughter’s young life, which began in 1992, the same year when Falun Gong was first introduced to public, was so tightly connected and interwoven with the spreading and then the persecution of Falun Gong, with the persecution still going on after nearly 18 years. When the crackdown first started in 1999, my daughter was only 6 years old. But her life was turned upside down over night. 
When my writing arrived at this stage of her life, I also started to look at her life experiences as a reflection of what happened in the bigger world surrounding Falun Gong: its introduction and wide spreading, the persecution, the lies, the sufferings, the persistence, the human spirit and truth’s triumph over suppression and vicious lies, and how goodness and kindness will eventually overcome all the evil…
Up to now, Falun Gong has been spread in the world for nearly 25 years; and the persecution has lasted for nearly 18 years. A quarter of century has passed; young people of my daughter’s generation has fully grown up. Who knows how many soul stirring events have happened during the 25 years?
My heart always aches when I think about how my innocent daughter had been subjected to all the poisonous lies and huge pressure which was even to heavy to bear for an adult. However, compared with many other Falun Gong practitioner’s children, my daughter has been much luckier, as she was able to escape the persecution as early, or as late, as in 2004. Countless numbers of Falun Gong practitioners’ children have become orphans, or are still suffering persecution today.
So this series of articles is not only dedicated to my extraordinary daughter, but also to all the innocent children and family members of Falun Gong practitioners in China and aboard. Thank you all for being with us, supporting us and enduring everything together with us. Please be ensured that all your sufferings and sacrifices will not be in vain; as heavenly principles of “Good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil” are above us and are balancing everything. And I sincerely believe that one day in the future everyone in the world will be able to see this. 

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