Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Quote of My Daughter(5)女儿语录(5)

My daughter learned to say “no” when she was only 1-1/2 years old. That day she had done something naughty. I had put on a stern face and begun to scold her, but surprisingly, she was not scared or upset at all. Looking at me, she just frowned and said very clearly with much effort, “No, mom! No angry!”
It was her first attempt to say “no,” clearly and forcefully. It seemed as if she cared more about my well being than about being reprimanded. Instantly I knew that everything I had gone through, and would go through for her, would be worthwhile.
她第一次說「不」,就將這個字說得那麼清晰有力,彷彿只全身心地擔心我會不會氣壞了身體,而絲毫沒有在意自己是不是受了訓。那一 刻我覺得為了生她養她而受的一切苦楚都很值得。

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