Saturday, February 18, 2017

“Getting into the Mainstream Society in Advance!”「提前融入主流社會」

Photos: Jennifer's daughter in Canberra, Australia.

Quote of My Daughter(25)女兒語錄(25)
After migrating to overseas countries, Chinese people often talk about “getting into the mainstream society”. The New Land Magazine I worked for even had a column called “Getting into Mainstream Australia”, with a lot of articles introducing Australian society to Chinese migrants.
However, when talking about “getting into the mainstream society”, my daughter thought that nobody did it better than her. And the reason was…
My daughter started to have freckles like many caucasian kids when she was around 10. After she came to Australia, the freckles became even more obvious.
One day when we were chatting with several friends, somebody somehow teased about my daughter’s freckles. To everybody’s surprise, she was not annoyed. Instead, she said cheerfully with a lot of good humor, “This means that I have gotten into the mainstream society in advance!” Everybody laughed so hard that their tears came out.

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