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女兒語錄(29)Quote of My Daughter(29)

Photos: Free China screenings in Sydney.
圖片:曾錚與女兒及《自由中國》的導演Michael Perlman一起參加悉尼多場放映會。

In November 2013, as the main character of the award-winning documentary Free China: The Courage to Believe, I was invited to New Zealand and Australia to attend the screenings in different cities, together with Michael Perlman, the director of movie. 
2013年11月,作爲獲獎紀錄片《自由中國》的主角之一,我與導演Michael Perlman一道受邀到新西蘭和澳大利亞多個城市參加《自由中國》放映會。
The Free China movie was first released in the USA in 2012; but had not been screened in Australia before. So my daughter only had the chance to see it for the first time in 2013 during its Australian premiere, although there were quite some pictures and footage of her in the movie.
She sat quietly beside me at the first screening in Avoca Beach, New South Wales, and declined to go to the stage with me to talk to the audience after the screening. So I spoke alone. Looking at her sitting in the audience, I became very emotional when talking about how not only Falun Gong practitioners, but their innocent family members also suffered from the persecution. That was the first time ever I watched the movie about our common stories together with her.
第一場放映會是在離悉尼市有約一個多小時的 Avoca海難(Avoca Beach)舉行的。當時女兒默默地坐在我身邊,與我一起觀看了整部電影——那是她的第一次。放映結束後我請她跟我一起上臺與觀衆見面時,她婉拒了。那天,當我看著坐在觀衆席中的女兒,談到這場鎮壓對法輪功學員及其無辜家人的傷害時,不由得流下了格外不一樣的流淚——那是我第一次跟女兒一起觀看《自由中國》這部講述我們的故事的電影。
She attended to the second screening at the Event Cinemas Bondi Junction in Sydney as well. This time she went to the stage together with me after the screening to meet the audience; but didn't speak.
第二場放映會在位於悉尼著名旅遊點Bondi Junction的最大的電影院Event Cinemas舉行,州議會議員胥布瑞傑(David Shoebridge)也出席了放映會。放映結束後,女兒與我一起上了臺與觀衆見面,但沒有講話。
On the third screening at the Event Cinemas George St in Sydney CBD, she joined the panel discussion after the screening. For the first time ever, she opened her heart and spoke to hundreds of audience members about her experiences back in China, including how she was once deceived by the propaganda and had misunderstandings and negative thoughts toward Falun Gong and her own mother. She then went on to apologize to me for having misunderstood me. At that stage my heart ached with so many different feelings; and I couldn't help but crying and interrupting her, "Oh, darling, you were only such an innocent child! How could you know better? Please don't blame yourself. It was all because of the vicious propaganda and the evil persecution!"
第三場放映會是悉尼市中心的Event Cinemas舉行。這次放映會結束後,女兒與我一起參與了與觀衆的見面和討論。她第一次打開心扉,講述了幼年時在中國被造謠宣傳欺騙,對法輪功和自己的母親產生誤解的經歷,並當衆向我道歉。當時我的心都要碎了,含淚打斷她說:「不!不要道歉。你那時還是個孩子,怎能怪你?怪只怪這場迫害實在邪惡!」
Later on Michael Perlman said to me, that was the most touching and beautiful moment of the entire trip; as he had witnessed how my daughter "grew" in the past few days and fully "blossomed" at that beautiful moment.
放映會過後,導演Michael Perlman對我說,那是這次澳洲之行最動人、最美麗的時刻。在過去幾天裏,他目睹了我女兒的成長和變化,而當她當衆講述真相、講述自己經歷時,她的生命就像一朵美麗的鮮花一般,瞬間綻放。
I also felt so blessed, seeing that she bravely opened her heart and exposed the persecution with her own experiences; and talked directly to a lot of young audience members of her own age. And this could be more convincing than my speech.
And everyone there who witnessed that rare, special and naturally happening mother-daughter dialogue and interaction was deeply touched.

(And this, is the last episode of "Quote of My Daughter" Series. Thank you very much for reading! 此爲「女兒語錄」系列完結篇。感謝各位捧場!)

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