Sunday, February 26, 2017

女兒語錄(28)Quote of My Daughter(28)

Photos: Jennifer’s Daughter Volunteers in  Shen Yun Promotion

In 2006, two years after the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist” was published, The Epoch Times newspaper published another series of articles entitled “Disintegrating the
Party Culture”, which gave very comprehensive analysis on how the Chinese Communist Party had destroyed the traditional Chinese culture and values; and how it had instilled a “party culture” in Chinese people’s mind to control and manipulate them.
I always remember one very interesting example from the “Disintegrating the Party Culture”. If it is too hot in a room, someone from Mainland China would probably say, ”It’s so hot! Why don’t you open the window?”
On the other hand, someone from Taiwan tends to say, ”It’s so hot. Would you mind me open the window?” The difference between how a mainland Chinese and a Taiwanese express and behave themselves reflects the party culture inside a Mainland Chinese. And unfortunately, I found myself also had a lot of party culture as someone grown up in it.
Again, this series of “Disintegrating the Party Culture” is very “heavy” to read, and fairly long. So I thought that my 14 years old daughter wouldn’t be interested in reading them.
Again to my surprise, she read through all these articles.
Not only that, ever since she finished reading them, she started using what she learned from these articles to check whether my speeches or behavior carried “party culture”. It was a little bit awkward in the beginning; but I soon became very grateful that I had a little “helper” to help me get rid of my party culture quicker! And she always picked up thing so correctly!

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