Sunday, February 26, 2017

女兒(禮物)語錄(26)Quote of My Daughter(’s gift)(26)

“Rule #1 and Rule #2” 「媽媽規則#1及#2」

Photo: Jennifer's daughter's gift to her mother.

In the language school my daughter first attended after she came to Australia, there were a lot of more mature students, with some of them as “old” as 19. A lot of those older students had part-time jobs somewhere and could earn some income.
I daughter became very interested; and wanted to have a part-time job very much. I said to her, ”No, you are too young to work.” But one day when I took her to shopping, I found that while I was busy at looking at different stuff, she was actually asking the shop owners whether they needed extra workers. She was turned down by the first shop owner, who was a Chinese and could tell that she was too young.
However, my daughter didn’t give up. She talked to every shop owner on the street while I was shopping; and was finally accepted by a westerner owner of a grocery shop, who couldn’t tell my daughter’s actually age as she was tall enough.
I asked her, “Did you lie about your age?”
“No, I didn’t. He didn’t ask my age at all.”
Seeing that she really wanted to try, and considering that working in an English speaking environment could help her to improve her English, I gave in again.
So she started working in that grocery shop as a cashier and quickly learnt the names of all the different and strange names of all kinds of fruit and vegetables. So later on, whenever I encountered something which I didn’t know the name, I just asked her, and she always had an answer for me. The “bad” consequence of this is, to this day, I still don’t know the English names of many of the fruit and vegetables.
So, she started earning her pocket money very soon. And this was a gift she bought for me, which says,
“Rule #1
Mum Is Always Right.
Rule #2
If Mum is wrong, see rule #1."

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