Friday, February 17, 2017

女兒語錄(24)Quote of My Daughter(24)

Photos: Jennifer's daughter performing at the school choir. 

When she finished her one year’s English language course in the language school, my 12 year old daughter was ready for “normal” school. I enrolled her in year 7, one year “lower” than her grade in China, as the teacher said a 12 year child belonged to year 7 instead of 8. I also thought it was better for her to “go down” a little bit so that she wouldn’t feel too much pressure with her study. It was a totally new environment for her after all.
On the first day of her “normal school”, I took her to school by bus; as the school was only a few stops away. Students can have free bus ride in Australia. I thought she would be able to come back home by bus herself as she already knew the way; so I told her to do that.
However, in the afternoon, I suddenly received a phone call from her, saying that she had lost her way and didn’t know where she was. We later found out she boarded on a wrong bus which took her to the opposite direction from home. I asked her not to panic, go to a cross road and read the road sign to me so that I could check the map to locate her. At that time we didn’t have smart phone or GPS yet. She read the sign to me as instructed. I asked her not to move, stand there and wait for me. Then I started checking the map.
A few minutes later, before I could figure out my daughter's location on the map, another phone call from her arrived. This time she exclaimed happily, proudly and excitedly, “Mom, you don’t need to come to pick me up now, as I am in the police car! The police are driving me back; and we’ll be home in no time!”
In no time they indeed arrived. Several police officers escorted my daughter upstairs to our apartment; and asked her, “Is this your mom?” After confirmation from my daughter, they waived good-bye and left.
I asked my daughter, “What happened?”
She said, “I don’t know. Seems somebody saw me standing there in school uniform; and contacted the police. She or he must know that I had got lost.”
For both of us, this was a beautiful “accident”. The kindness of Australian public; and the high efficiency of Australian police really impressed us. In China, “serving the people” is only an empty political slogan and later on a laughing stock for everybody. But here in Australia, the police are really serving the people without shouting out loudly about it.

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