Wednesday, February 8, 2017

女兒語錄(10)Quote of My Daughter(10)

My daughter was bright for her age. She was already in the second year of primary school when she was five and a half. When I went to a parent-teacher meeting I saw a big sign near the school gate, which read: “Learning to be; Learning to know; Learning to do; learning to be healthy and strong.” After returning home, I asked her, “What does the saying 'learning to be' mean?” While I was preparing to give her a lengthy sermon on the subject, she smiled and said with ease, “I know! It is just to be a good person!”
Instantly I forgot the speech I had prepared and just wanted to admire her.
女兒早慧,五歲半時已上二年級了。這一日我去學校給她開家長會,迎面看到學校門口有塊大牌子,上面寫著「學會做人 學會學習 學會勞動 學會健體」等五個「學會」。回家以後,我問她道:「你知道什麼叫『學會做人』嗎?」我想好了一個長篇演說辭,預備著向她發表。

Photo caption: Jennifer escorting her 4 and a half year old daugher back from school on her first school day. After she came back to home, Jennifer's daughter read through her entire new Chinese language text book she just got from school within 20 minutes. Jennifer asked: "Any words you don't know?" "No." She said. Then she threw away the finished book and started playing something else.

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