Monday, January 9, 2017

Photo Stories of Jennifer Zeng(2)曾錚的圖片故事 (2)

My story of course starts from my mum and dad. And here they are, before I was born.
As you could see, my father was a very handsome young man. He was also very talented; and the first ever university student in his village. However, his life was full of things that would not have happened in a normal society other than China. I’ve written the following articles (in Chinese) to honor his somewhat extraordinary life. These article won the third prize in the competition launched by the Epoch Media Group to commemorate the occasion when more than 200 million Chinese people have chosen to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its related organization. English version is under translation; and I hope to release them soon.
My mum, once a sweetheart of the entire county, also has been living an extraordinary life in many abnormal periods since the Chinese Communist Party came into power. So her stories are also worth sharing. I hope that I can soon write an article about her too.
Jennifer Zeng's father.


Jennifer Zeng's mother.

Jennifer Zeng's mother and father.


Jennifer Zeng's father in university.


Jennifer Zeng's mother often performed dance, singing and fork opera in school, and had a lot of talents in performing arts.

Jennifer Zeng's mother.


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