Sunday, September 4, 2016

我的北大游泳證-My Peking University Swimming Pool Pass

Once upon a time, you needed a “certificate”, or a permit, or a “special ticket” to buy virally everything in China, such as meat, sugar, flour, rice, cooking oil, cloth fabric, etc. Today I saw this “ticket” for the swimming pool in Peking University. As it is so old, I guess we can treat it as a historical relic now. That’s why I posted it here. The hand written number “36/417” on the card could have been a secret in my university days; but it wouldn’t matter now, so I could “generously” reveal it today: It means that I lived at Room 417, No. 36 Student Dormitory Building. In those days you couldn’t tell just anybody where you lived; otherwise you could bring troubles to yourself. 

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