Thursday, August 25, 2016

Can New York MTA Hire A Human Chinese Translator? 吐槽紐約地鐵的中文翻譯

I saw this MTA message on the subway today. As a native Chinese speaker, I naturally read the Chinese first. And its title virtually says "Nobody Wants to Encounter Unnecessary Sexual Conduct During Commute." I couldn't help thinking, "Is there any 'necessary’ sexual conduct during the commute?” It doesn’t make any sense to me at all.
I hurriedly checked the English. It says, “Unwanted Sexual Conduct shouldn’t be part of anyone’s commute.” This does make sense, right?
I seriously doubt that MTA has been using a machine to do the Chinese translation. I hope they can hire a human translator instead so that poor Chinese speakers like me won’t get confused and puzzled any more in the future. 
於是趕快去看英文。原來人家說的是「Unwanted Sexual Conduct」。直接翻譯成「性騷擾」不就完了嗎?我懷疑他們是用機器的翻譯的。作爲一名熱愛中文的地鐵乘客,在此向紐約地鐵當局表示強烈抗議!

Monday, August 22, 2016

New York, My Strange and Lovely New York-紐約,奇怪而又奇妙紐約!

After finishing long working hours, I took a night subway to home. New York is really a strange and unique place. It is hot, crowded, sometimes nasty, with rats running everywhere. However, when you live in this city, you will also feel its vitality , liveliness and efficiency, you will love that something in the air, and you will feel that you own this city and are really loving it.