Wednesday, April 13, 2016

ABC Radio: A Conversation with Jennifer Zeng-澳洲ABC电台《对话节目》专访曾铮

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Jennifer Zeng: a conversation

Presenter: Steve Austin
Researcher: Amy Cass
A daughter of the Cultural Revolution in China, Jennifer Zeng was a successful young scientist whose life changed dramatically as a result of practising Felun Gong.
Born to academic parents, Jennifer graduated from Peking University as a privileged member of the communist party, with a great job and wonderful marriage.

During a complicated labour in 1992 Jennifer contracted Hepatitis C and spent the next four years battling the disease, which culminated with cirrhosis of the liver. Despite this life threatening illness, Jennifer was given fresh hope through practising Falun Gong.

Supporters of Falun Gong say its a high-form of meditation, based on spiritual and physical exercises.

The Chinese government believe Falun Gong is a sinister religious cult, and during a crackdown of the practice in 2000 Jennifer was sentenced to re-education through forced labour.

Jennifer describes this year in detention as "living hell", where she was abused physically and mentally.

Following her release, Jennifer fled to Australia where she received refugee status and was later joined by her daughter. Jennifer's husband and family remain under close surveillance in China.

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