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大衛.茹貝切克(David Rubacek)證詞

大衛.茹貝切克(David Rubacek)在作證。(大紀元)
大衛.茹貝切克(David Rubacek)在作證。(大紀元)


My name is David Rubacek and I am 28 years old.
In March 2002, I went, with 10 other western people, to Beijing. Our aim was to protest against the persecution of Falun Gong and to support the good people of China.
On Thursday morning at 10 am we went to Tiananmen Square to hold a banner saying 「Falun Gong is good」.
In less than 15 seconds a police officer came to snatch the banner away from us. Within 30 seconds a minibus pulled up on the footpath and we were herded onto the bus.
The police took us to a hotel near the airport. They ordered Michael Molnar to exit the bus first. He refused. Then three police used force and violently beat him, after they threw him off the bus they still were kicking into him when he lay on the footpath.
警察將我們帶到機場附近的一個旅館。他們命令邁克.莫納(Michael Molnar)先下車。他拒絕了。三個警察使用暴力,猛烈的毆打他,將他扔出麵包車,扔在人行道上躺著,然後持續不斷的踢他。
It became clear that if we did not follow their orders, they were going to use violence to force us do what they wanted.
The police controlled the whole ground floor of the hotel (there were approximately 100 police), and the police all spoke in English. It was apparent that they were investing a lot of money into persecuting innocent people.
They separated us into different hotel rooms and we were interrogated for a few hours. They stole a lot of property such as radios, cameras, mobile phones and paper work.
I was beaten myself by a young policemen who lost his temper and unexpectedly exploded into a flurry of punches. He believed that Falun Gong was harming his country, and was upset about upholding my spiritual practice.
My conclusions from my limited experience are:
1. I have no doubt that the Chinese police are ordered from above to use brutal violence to deal with anyone who is labeled as a target.
2. From my experience as a westerner, I can see that the treatment of people with a Chinese face would be very severe.
3. The response and assets at hand of the Beijing Police suggests a highly organised and very well funded persecution of people who uphold their right to freedom of belief and freedom of speech.
David Rubacek

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