Thursday, March 17, 2016

New Era Approaches amidst the Echo of History

-Speech at the public rally marking the 16th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre on behalf of the Global "Farewell CCP" coalition 

Jennifer Zeng Speaks at the rally in Sydney in 2005. 

Right after Jennifer's speech, Mr Chen Yonglin made an astonishing appearance  at the stage and shocked the world with his defection and a lot of claims, including that there were more than 1000 CCP spies in Australia. All the media attention was immediately drawn to him. 

Looking back now in 2016, it is interesting to see that just after I spoke of "a new China without the CCP", a CCP  consul for political affairs would suddenly give  such a strong "backing" to my speech by abandoning his position and defecting to Australia. 

 ‘June 4th’, or the Tiananmen Massacre, is a heavy and burning memory which strikes at our hearts again today. Sixteen years ago, the menacing gunshots of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) smashed the Statue of Liberty erected in the Tiananmen Square, destroying the hopes and dreams of Chinese people. Since then, this heroic and moving period of time seems to have faded into the mists of history. However, the sacrificial spirit of those students who went on hunger strike in the Square, the youth who blocked the tanks with his body, the tears and blood which turned the heaven and earth red, continue to glitter out of the darkness. 
    People have not forgotten, especially today, when society and the spiritual life of people have changed so greatly, and so the commemoration of ‘June 4th’ has regained a new significance. Sixteen years have passed; and with the great changes in the world, some people have been beginning to develop new hope in the Communist Party which had buried Chinese people’s dignity, freedom and dreams of democracy with the Tiananmen Massacre. In the delusion created by the so-called ‘new Hu-Wen-style politics’, the ‘economic flourish’ and the recent ‘visitation for peace’ by the Kuomintang chairman Lien Zhan and another Taiwanese sachem, Song Chuyu, the Communist Party has appeared to be making a change for the better. In order to have people accept their ‘reality’, the CCP tries everything it can to cover the truth, to block the free flow of information and to suppress any dissidents. 
    But the blood of ‘June 4th’ is twinkling on the eastern horizon once again. It is like a sword of prophecy crying to those people who are singing the praises of the CCP: refuse the lies, refuse to forget, and look directly into the eyes of history. 
    Have the pure hearts and the blood of the students and others changed the killing nature of the CCP? Have the efforts of millions of people stopped the CCP from killing? Definitely NOT! 
    Almost before the blood of the Tiananmen Massacre had dried, the CCP began its genocide against the spiritual group Falun Gong. Tens of thousands were put in jails and tortured. More than 2,000 have been confirmed tortured to death. 
    Year after year, China’s fate has not changed. It is still a state of terror, and a state that covers up the truth of the death of 80 million people in the name of ‘stability’. 
    Sixteen years after the Tiananmen Massacre, in the face of mass withdrawals from the CCP caused by the 9-commentaries, the Party’s totalitarian regime is being altered by this unprecedented crisis. It has again raised the sword of killing and mass-arrested people who have resigned from its ranks. Chinese people are still shedding blood for their freedom. 
    We must learn from history. We must give up all delusions attached to the CCP. We must give up the evil and violent Party culture enforced upon the nation by the CCP. 
    Fortunately, we have seen the tide of people’s awakening. The ever-growing number of withdrawals from the CCP is bearing testimony to people’s bravery and determination. The support from the whole world is the torch in the darkness and it will help Chinese people to break away from their fear. 
    No evil can escape the final Trial of history. Amidst the echo of this history, upright forces are gathering, and a new China, without the CCP, is approaching.

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