Tuesday, March 22, 2016



(澳大利亚Philippa Rayment 著,曾铮翻译)


   I stood on the beach looking out to sea 
   The waves gently lapped at the shore,
   The early morning sky painted in soft pale blue and pink.
   To my surprise a sailing boat appeared on the horizon.
   First a dot and then in just a moment it was right up close.
   A young man jumped out and waded to the shore 
   His face glowing and beautiful. 
   “Who are you?” I asked and “how did you get here?”
   He smiled and said, “ I have come a long way. I have travelled through eons in time to come to this Melbourne Conference. It has been a big journey but I don’t feel tired. I will tell you about it”
   We sat on the sand and this is what he told me.
   The Master sits in stillness 
   Watching the little minds of men, fragmented and awry
   The suffering, and the pain
   His heart so full of compassion 
   A single tear rolls down his cheek
   Look within - for in this one teardrop lies the truth of the universe 
   Zhen, Shan, Ren.
   The teardrop falls to the ground, 
   Becomes a tiny stream, then a swiftly flowing river 
   Nourished, the seeds lying dormant in the barren soil spring to life again. 
   The grass grows, the flowers bloom 
   Everything sings in harmony 
   And still it flows on gathering momentum 
   To become the ocean deep and strong 
   Opening our hearts and minds to Zhen, Shan, Ren.
   We sat in silence for a moment then he turned to me and said “So I borrowed a boat, and with the help of the wind and the waves from Master’s tears, here I am. I am so happy, so grateful, we are all grateful. Thank you Master Li.“
   Thank you for your sharing and welcome, welcome for this story is your story all rolled into one. Let the drums roll and the Conference begin.

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