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(This article was written at the request of  The Diplomat Magazine in December, 2008. It was publsihed as a feature story. The  on line version is available at
Now almost eight years have passed; and here are some up-dates: the pollution has spread from the water and food to the air(I didn't expect this 8 years ago); the number of people who denounced the Chinese Communist Party and its related organization has exceeded 228 millions compared to 44 millions 8 years ago; more corrupt officials are fleeing China with much more money...The trends continue...on a sinking boat...and I hope we can reach a turing point before it is too late. )

A once-in-a-hundred-year snowstorm marked an ominous beginning for a supposedly magnificent year for China.

Government insider turned dissident writer Jennifer Zeng asks whether 2008 will be remembered as the year the CCP started to lose its stranglehold over China

page 1 of China in 2008 in the magazine 

page 2 of China in 2008 in the magazine 

page 3 of China in 2008 in the magazine 

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